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Guillaume & Laurie are two french artists/designers.
Their passion for free forms, colors and objects let them to collaborate on various supports.
They are inspired by landscapes, urban shapes and typography through their travels.
The universe created by the duo become a constantly evolving language with many influences.
The artistic repertoire includes illustrations, paintings on canvas, murals, editing, clothes, furnitures and objects.
Guillaume & Laurie’s work is characterized through abstract, organic and geometrical shapes. It’s a dream world, combining sensibility, unconsciousness, improvisation and experimentation.


Laurie ~ 

Co-Founder / Directrice Artistique

Danseuse aux ateliers Desmaé

puis au Ballet étude Nini Theïlade Lyon


Mise à niveau en Arts appliquées & Bts Design graphique à Bellecour École d'Art 


Licence WebMaster à l'école Presqu'île.

Guillaume ~


Co-Founder / Designer

Mise à niveau en Arts appliquées    


Bts Design d'espace à Bellecour École d'Art 

DNAP et DNSEP (master) à l'école nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon  

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